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KOY Network is your one-stop solution for unlocking the transformative power of decentralization. The launch of KOY 2.0, our next-generation DaaS platform, is designed to make decentralization even more accessible and powerful for businesses.

Overview of KOY 2.0 Incentivized Testnet Campaign

KOY 2.0 is excited to announce the launch of the incentivized testnet campaign. We’re seeking participants who are developers, innovators, and enthusiasts in Web3 space to join us and help improve our staking dApp.

Those who want to participate should fill out the Testnet Campaign Registration Form. [Note: KOY Network team will never ask for your private key.]

Participants should submit their public key to enroll on our testnet platform and participate. We’re enrolling your Public Keys every 24 hours. You can monitor if your Public Key is listed here.

Only the first 500 participants who register on our form will be eligible to participate in the testnet campaign.

Participants will help test the features of staking dApp and provide technical feedback including bugs, errors, and other technical suggestions to improve the staking platform.

Testnet Campaign Rules

1.) Duration/Campaign Dates

Two weeks

  • Start Date: 04–23–2024
  • End Date: Extended until May 14th

2.) Rewards

REWARD POOL — 2,000,000 KOYN

What To Do Before You Participate In Testnet Campaign?

  1. Download Anchor Wallet. Create your 5-character account name. Then, save your Public Key and Private Key. Note: Do not share your private key with anyone.
  2. Add KOY Network (Testnet) to Anchor.
  3. Add accounts to Anchor.
  4. Add KOYN token to Anchor.
  5. Register for our testnet campaign by completing the Testnet Campaign Registration Form. Please submit your Public Key from your Anchor Wallet.


Guide 1: Unlocking Staked (Locked) KOYN & Ustaking

Step 1: Access the Testnet Staking DApp: Go to https://testnet.app.koynetwork.io/staking

Step 2: Connect Your Wallet: Connect the Anchor Wallet with the same account you register on the registration form.

Step 3: Claim Unlocked KOYN: Click ‘Unlock’ to move available KOYN to your Staked (unlocked) balance.

Step 4: Sign Transaction: Review details and complete the transaction using Anchor. Sign transaction to proceed.

Step 5: Unstake KOYN: Enter the amount and click ‘Unstake’ of unlocked KOYN you want to withdraw. You can also select 25%, 50%, 75% or 100% of your total Staked (Unlocked) amount.

Step 6: Confirm Transaction: Review details and confirm the unstaking transaction.

Guide 2: Staking KOYN

Step 1: Access the Testnet Staking DApp: Go to https://testnet.app.koynetwork.io/staking

Step 2: Connect Your Wallet: Connect the Anchor wallet.

Step 3: Stake KOYN: Enter the amount of KOYN you would like to stake. You can also select 25%, 50%, 75%, or 100% of your available Liquid KOYN balance.

Step 4: Review details and complete the staking transaction using Anchor.

Guide 3: Checking Your KOY Transactions on Testnet

Step 1: To check the live KOY transactions on Testnet, go to https://testnet.app.koynetwork.io/explorer.

Step 2: You can search for yours by account/public key and check your transactions.

Competition Rules, Terms & Conditions

  1. There will be no transferring balances between wallets.
  2. Participants can stake/unstake anytime between the start date of [04–23–2024] and the competition end date of [05–14–2024].
  3. During the testnet, screenshot your clear full screen while doing the staking/unstaking. No cropping of screenshot photos.
  4. Upload your unedited screenshots to your X account and post about promoting the KOY 2.0 Incentivized Testnet Campaign. Include hashtags and the cashtag at the end of your tweet: #KOYv2 $KOYN #Staking #Testnet
  5. Submit your public key, feedback, and tweet link in the google form here: https://forms.gle/m76DYC9DbegBm5A2A
  6. The selection of winners and the amount of rewards received per winner will be determined by the quality of their feedback, which is crucial for enhancing our staking DApp.

That’s A Wrap!

KOY 2.0 is dedicated to crafting a user-friendly, secure, and rewarding staking dApp. Your participation in this testnet campaign is instrumental to our success.

Stay updated by following us on KOY 2.0’s journey!

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